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They were now international stars, second only to the Beatles.

Number 1 Song 1963 Uk

He had solo hits in the s. Lead singer Paul Jones' last No 1. Their next release stalled at 2. Was their 3rd US No 1. Song written by Neil Diamond. She became a London and Broadway musical actress. No one has ever understood the words. They sang about the US east coast! He eventually settled in Canada. With further changes they continued through the s. Moved into revival shows in the 80s and 90s. His next was 11 years away.

He had a solo No 1 in Still going in the s. Another MOR hit, and was the first instrumental No 1 since He had solo fame in the US during the s. Success was brief. The 11th No 1 in a row from an act who never repeated the feat. Trend was broken only by the Beatles and Stones. They broke up the following year.

US Charts:

They remained a global concert draw into the 21st century. The series was never shown in UK.

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Created by Ron Dante. This tear-jerker from ended the decade in a melancholy mood. Sheet Music.

Record Sales. Innovative rock band that covered this US soul hit, but later concentrated on albums. US blue-eyed soul duo with a song by the eccentric record producer, Phil Spector. This second No 1 confirmed the group as one of the major acts of the decade.

The Beatles - Abbey Road 50th Anniversary Releases

Australian folk-pop group led by Tom Springfield with girl vocalist Judith Durham. Unit Four Plus Two. Short-lived act with a hit said to owe its sales to air play on pirate radio stations. Country music song recorded in Nashville. This slushy ballad was producer Tony Hatch's 5th No 1, sung by his future wife.

By this time she was one of the UK's top artists. Now struggling in the charts, his first No 1 for two years was recorded 5 years earlier. One of the major acts of the 's, but they only made the top once in that decade. First Bob Dylan song to reach No 1. Celebrated as the definitive Hippie anthem.

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  4. I spent a year making new friends as an adult, and it was the best thing I ever did - BBC Three.

Walker Brothers. Americans who first tasted fame in the UK. Legendary comedian who charted with straight ballads over a year period. Another US session. They remained popular for the rest of the decade, and reformed in the s. Spencer Davis Group. One-hit Wonders with a song from the Beatles' "Rubber Soul" album. Frank's eldest daughter, who cashed in on the "kinky boots" fashion. Another emotional song took them to the top, but they split soon afterwards.

Steve Winwood left soon after to form "Traffic". Legendary diva who faded after the 60s, but made a return in the late 80s. Manfred Mann. Major act that found chart toppers elusive.

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  5. What song was number 1 on the day I was born?.
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Drugs and other problems kept them off the top for the following two years. His first No 1 for 12 years represented a sixties renaissance for the legend. Slight change of direction in writing not a love song , but the fans kept buying. Mr Weighton, who had two sons and a daughter, 10 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren, said the world had changed "enormously" in his lifetime but people had mostly stayed the same.

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A retired engineer, he still has a workshop in his flat where he makes windmills and ornaments from recycled wood. He also still shops and cooks for himself, and regularly goes to the local supermarket using his walking aid, for which he has had a new number plate 'Bob ' created to mark his birthday.

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Describing himself as an "international person", Mr Weighton said he kept up to date with world news by reading The Economist which avoids the "tittle and tattle and gossip". As for his view of Brexit, on the day the UK had been due to leave the EU, he described it as a "mess and a muddle" adding: "My own feeling is that if there were defects, and there were quite obviously defects, we can negotiate on the inside rather than walking off the field with the cricket ball and saying 'I'm not playing'. Last updated Fri 29 Mar