Leo man and leo woman sexuality compatibility

Constantly expanding their wisdom through social interaction allows Leos to continue to grow wise in the communication realm. Two Leos in balance have no problem being direct and honest with one another.

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With the Sun as a ruling planet, the light shines on everything in the relationship, including the words they express. Honesty and a willingness to listen to one another contribute to the Leo and Leo compatibility. But, if an imbalance develops in either partner, the same direct, in-your-face, tell-it-like-it-is communication proves condescending and trite. But, verbal wars are not out of the question.

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Leos are often amiable, friendly, and open. They pursue their passions, which is why they can maintain a sunny disposition when others are pessimistic. They have attention-getting tendencies, so they can use their communication skills for good or bane. The way two Leos communicate with one another also falls under the influence of their competitive nature.

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If these two royals are willing to live together in harmony and share rulership of all domains under the relationship, peace falls over the land. Being flexible and understanding improves Leo and Leo compatibility.

The ambition Leo holds as a common attribute turns to a stubborn streak when they are out of balance. Leos are not beneath being melodramatic. When they exaggerate a situation, it can frustrate the in-balance partner. Headstrong Leos are heading for the relationship battlefield. When they have out of balance attributes, they try to dominate one another. No one wins in a love battle between Leos. Even if one Leo manages to dominate another, it leads to bitterness and resentment later. The negative emotions brew like a poisonous stew waiting to take down the person partner who keeps stirring the pot.

In astrology, all signs align with one of two polarities. The Yin and Yang forces are the energetic polarities influencing personalities falling under specific zodiac signs. Leos correspond with Yang energies. Yin energies are sensitive, intuitive, and receptive.

Yang energies are action-oriented, assertive, and forward-moving.

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  • Yin is feminine. Yang is masculine. These forces complement one another. At first glance, without Yin influences in play, it may look as if there is an innate problem with Leo and Leo compatibility. But, this is not the case.

    Who’s The Best Match For Leo Woman (Top 4 Choices Answered…!)

    Two personalities under the Yang influence can get along wonderfully. Both Leos are driven and ambitious. If they understand one another, they can also be supportive. One Leo partner can support the other as they pursue goals. When they have a joint vision, nothing is stopping them from accomplishing their dreams. If one or both partners have too much Yang energy, this duo is in for one hell of a time. To remedy the situation, those who are out of balance will have to embrace Yin energies.

    Love Compatibility Between a Leo Man- Scorpio Woman

    It will allow the parties to become more sensitive, empathetic, and loving. In the Leo and Leo relationship, the distance between signs creates the aspect. This distance relates to compatibility, and therefore astrologers measure it on the celestial wheel. The aspect is an angle measurement. The angle measurement is zero. The aspect is a conjunct formation.

    When one Leo partner looks at another, they will see much of themselves in their mate. Two Leos who get along have no problem accepting their mates as they are. The good news is both parties have advanced notice on any idiosyncrasies or differences each party in the relationship demonstrates. When the relationship begins, two Leos slip right into the love arena because everything is so familiar and comfortable.

    Leo & Leo Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility

    Just like twins, this duo will be able to communicate without speaking. It allows for personal growth and ongoing independence, so the relationship remains loving. The Leo and Leo relationship falls under the influence of the fire element.

    Leo Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility | Flow Psychology

    Two Leos can turn the heat on and keep the fires burning. The relationship is warm, compassionate, and loving. Just the right amount of fire promises lustful moments in the bedroom too. But, an excess in the fire element promises a whole host of problems. Fires can keep tempers burning longer than necessary. The same element can turn ambition into aggressive action and a struggle for dominance. Fire also fuel that green-eyed beast called jealousy. If the fire goes out of balance, it can equal a firestorm. With two Leos in the mix and a whole lot of stubbornness, it results in a fire tornado!

    Like a wildfire blazing out of control, this relationship can only run so long on high heat. The Leo Man and Leo woman both have fixed attributes. They love starting projects they are passionate about and will see them through to the finish. Ambition and the desire to achieve get both the Leo Man and Leo Woman on the same page with shared visions.

    Taking charge of a situation is not the problem. Leos will spend their lives pursuing conquests, building kingdoms, and claiming an empire. If they do so together, the world is their oyster.

    Leo Man And Leo Woman Compatibility

    The Leo Man will struggle with a Leo Woman who is ready to battle him for rulership of the relationship. Compromise is what holds the relationship together. If this duo is non-traditional, it can even prove the other way around! Still, two Leos are at their very best when they work together in any and all situations. An unconquerable pair comes from a Leo and Leo love affair if they agree to align their agendas. Besides, a Leo Woman will not have it any other way.

    He will have to allow her autonomy and the chance to socialize with all her favorite girlfriends too. Lionesses share their lifetime with other lionesses within a pride. Her friends cheer her on while she conquers one world after another. When two Leos are out of balance, arguments ensue. Besides, a lion pride remains together and relies on the strength of all its members.

    The Leo and Leo compatibility factor improves when two lion-like lovers do the same! Two of the most famous Leo-Leo celebrity couples are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez and Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, which pretty much says a lot about the level of compatibility that they have. After all, there are other factors at work that drove these couples apart.

    But how compatible or incompatible a Leo man and a Leo woman is emotionally, mentally and sexually?